April 9, 2008

South African film festival (7th April)

I was invited by our High Commission in Fiji (not a big deal, im one of 7 SA citizens here, and it was free anyway!) to a South African film festival in honour of Freedom day (which is only like 27th April!). It was SOOO cool! Drank Roodeberg and Windhoeks, which apparently cost them lots to import (although I try not to use imported goods much, for climate change reasons, I couldnt resist!). They showed “Yesterday” which is a pretty good movie, go watch it. It has some fantastic shots of the Drakensberg (which really made me miss… flyfishing).

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Carmelo said...

Those Windhoeks must have gone down well! Damn Berns, looks like you're having an unbelievable time; fantastic. Great blog bud! Keep well.