March 11, 2008

Caqalai Island... (I took this pic!)

On the weekend I went to Calaqai Island, maybe 45min by car and another 30min by boat from the capital, Suva, with some Ozzie friends (pronounced Thangalie – the funny spelling and pronounciations make life hard finding a street etc. nobody understands me, but im picking up a bit of Fijian. But everybody speaks English well). The whole island is about 2 ha big!!! I just got back, sunburnt and tired as hell. The snorkeling is FANTASTIC! You guys have no idea. Millions of colourful coral reef wish and hard and soft corals in red, yellow, purple, etc. We don’t get much soft coral in SA so its great to see!! I stayed in the water for ever. Hence the burning. You will only get it if you have seen pristine coral. I cant wait to dive here, so glad I did the course…and, Ive seen almost 5 endemic birds now. And the food is great! One night they made lovo, which is fish and chicken and vegies whatever wrapped in leaves and cooked in a smoky shallow pit oven. Then you have Kava, a slightly narcotic drink which tastes like eating a tree. Very traditional. Complicated ceremony to have it; with one clap before you accept from the communal cup, then you down it, and three claps to say thanks. I was hoping for more of an affect, alcohol is prohibitively expensive here!!!

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Lynette Cilliers said...

Saying a lot about the food,people,booz,.. How's the honey's???
Don't tell me didn't have time to check them out - there's always time, unless there's no talent!?